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The Five Promises

The collective work of the Alliance involves keeping Five Promises to children and youth that form the conditions they need to achieve adult success.

We promise to young Americans that they will grow up with the help and guidance of caring adult relationships, healthy childhoods, safe surroundings, effective education and opportunities to serve others.

When at least four of these promises are at work in young people’s lives, they are more likely to succeed academically, socially and civically.

Caring Adults

Caring adults are the centerpieces of children’s development. They serve as guides, caretakers and advisers, who give positive and productive guidance throughout their development.

Safe Places

To develop intellectually and emotionally, young people need physical and psychological safety at home, at school and in the community. Without such “safe places” – environments that support and encourage inquiry, exploration, and play without fear of harm – children aren’t able to get support, form positive relationships and concentrate on school.

A Health Start

Healthy and well-nourished children are more able to develop their minds and bodies as they should, and they are far more capable of concentrating, learning and thriving throughout their school years.

Effective Education

Our increasingly knowledge-driven world demands people who have the education and skills to thrive in a competitive marketplace, and to understand the increasingly complex world in which they live. That means that in order to compete and succeed, all young people will need an effective education that prepares them for work and life.

Opportunities To Help Others

Through service to others, young Americans develop the character and competence they need to be helpful, hopeful and civically engaged all their lives, regardless of their own life circumstances.

BIG or SMALL we need you!

Your donation will help to provide a safe space for kids to be kids again, AND – healthy meals and snacks, t-shirts and uniforms, equipment to participate in service projects, and the opportunity to break official Guinness World Records and begin to change the narrative of their daily lives.

We’re going to bring the eyes of the world back to Minneapolis in a positive way.

Why the urgency?

Our children are dying. Parents are scared.

Since April 30th,  three of our children have died within blocks of each other. Three children ages 10, 9 and 6 were shot in the head and a 12 year old boy drowned in North Commons Park Pool prior to its opening.

This is on top of a global pandemic and massive civil unrest which had already exacerbated the isolation and widened the opportunity gaps for our children.

Would this be acceptable beyond North Minneapolis?

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Northside Soccer Day

Celebrate the beatufiul game of soccer in North Minneapolis as we kickoff the community Summer Games for 2022 with games, food, music and special activites.



Community Summer Games

Come try over 20 sports and activites taught by industry leaders and local Student Athletes leaders, all for free unlocking your potential!   More Details



Women In Sports

Come work with some of the great women athletes in our metropolitan area as we promote sports for young girls. July 13, 20, 27 & August 2 Wed’s.

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Many Hands Make Light Work

- Coach Tate

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