Seeds To Harvest Beginning

How Seeds to Harvest Started

Since the murder of George Floyd, civil unrest and ongoing covid-19 response has suspended public sector programs and destroyed the economic and civic physical infrastructure. Several community agencies and groups, leadership development and environmental organizations have formed the ‘Seeds to Harvest’ Coalition to serve its community to support the community and its program infrastructure. One hour a week.

The collective work of the Alliance involves keeping Five Promises to children and youth that form the conditions they need to achieve adult success.

We promise to young Americans that they will grow up with the help and guidance of caring adult relationships, healthy childhoods, safe surroundings, effective education and opportunities to serve others.

When at least four of these promises are at work in young people’s lives, they are more likely to succeed academically, socially and civically.

The Five Promises | America’s Promise Alliance (

North Minneapolis is home to 68,000+, 16,021 between the ages of 6 – 19. 11,000+ within a one mile radius of the North Commons* Campus (* – North Community YMCA, North Commons Park, North Community High School. Jerry Gambles Boys and Girls Clubs and Hospitality House Youth Directions are within blocks of the campus).If North Minneapolis was a city, it would be the 9th largest in Minnesota, preceded by Maple Grove and ahead of Woodbury and St. Cloud.

The momentum began to build and today we have:

  • Coordinated 47 partners; 
  • Raised and spent $264.9+k to support community projects and initiatives through the Urban Impact Fund, Minnesota Public Safety Department & other donors; (STH & ALANA Community Trust – ABCI)
  • Coordinated 1,100+ volunteers in support of 48 projects and initiatives over 42 weekends 
  • Engaged 350+ young people (4th – 12th grade) through the Service, Employment, and Training (S.E.T. up) Initiative – “One Hour of Service in our Community”
  • Served 250+ meals to families and first responders across the metro area and network;

The Coalition’s effort to date has provided:

  • 300+ youth and young people participated through our Service, Employment, and Training (S.E.T. up) opportunities
  • 500+ community service and employee based volunteers participating in coalition events and activities, such as: UROC – University of Minnesota, AALF, MULYP, City of Minneapolis – 2020 Census
  • 12,500+ households and 1,500+ youth reached
  • 7,500 hours of service to date
  • 15,000+ mobilized to vote through-out Service Area
  • 15,000+ PPE materials (Masks and sanitizer) distributed to community residents and volunteers

Seeds to Harvest Coalition: Who we are

Leadership Organization


A Steady Hand – Mentoring ✦ A. Yang – Volleyball ✦ Al-Maauun ✦ ALANA (African ✦ Latino ✦ Asian ✦ Naive American) Community Trust (ACT) ✦ Boys & Girls Club Twin Cities – Jerry Gambles Unit ✦ Cookie Cart ✦ DAC Lifestyle Consulting – Swimming ✦ Daire Success Coaching ✦ LLC ✦ Division of Gastroenterology ✦ U of M Med School ✦ Doorstep Foundation ✦ Family of Trees ✦ First Tee – Minnesota ✦ Growth & Justice ✦ Hands on Twin Cities ✦ Heritage Youth Sports Foundation ✦ Inner City Tennis Foundation/ USTA – Twin Cities ✦ KIPP Schools ✦ Metro Transit Police Department ✦ Minneapolis City Soccer Club ✦ Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board ✦ Minneapolis Parks Foundation ✦ Minneapolis Public Schools – Athletic Dept. ✦ Minneapolis Youth Lacrosse Association ✦ Minnesota African-American Heritage Museum & Gallery ✦ Minnesota Esports Club ✦ Minnesota Impact Partnership ✦ Minnesota Team Handball Association ✦ Northside Achievement Zone ✦ Northside Bulldogs ✦ Northside Gymnastic Coaches ✦ Northside Residents Redevelopment Council ✦ NoshPosh LLC ✦ Playworks ✦ Project DIVA International ✦ State Representative Esther Agbaje ✦ State Senator Bobby Joe Champion ✦ Sports Engine ✦ T. Reid – Fitness Queen – Family Fit Camp ✦ TC Sol Futsal Academy – Sol of the City League ✦ The Loppet Foundation – Adventure Sports ✦ UrbanFly Communications ✦ Urban Impact Minnesota – GVBack ✦ Urban Research Outreach Center – UROC U of M ✦ Voice of Culture ✦ YMCA of the North ✦ Youth and Families Determined to Succeed Inc. / Track Minnesota